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Korasoft for Colleges and Universities

Knowing Why

The operation of schools, such as universities and colleges, is extremely complex and comes with considerable responsibility.

Between a great deal of foot traffic at practically any time of day, large crowds of people moving about and research areas with increased security measures, the range of tasks is highly diversified.

CAFM software is an essential component in reliably mastering this variety of tasks and liability risks.

Korasoft has been an active partner of the educational sector for many years. We know your worries. And have the right solution.

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Disciplined Diversity

Colleges and universities have exceptionally diversified real estate portfolios.

They include seminar rooms, lecture halls and offices as well as libraries, cafeterias, parks, sports facilities, workshops and often even laboratories. Keeping track of this much diversity is a constant challenge for facility management.

Korasoft supports facility managers in all kinds of tasks: organizing cost-effective cleaning, keeping inspection dates or planning renovation measures.

Your school facility management is on the safe side – with Korasoft.

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Made for People

Software is a tool and this of course also applies to Korasoft, with solutions that are made for people.

On the one hand, this means the people moving around campus every day. People who depend on technology and buildings functioning reliably and who need to know that they are in safe hands. Korasoft ensures this with a wide range of routines.

On the other hand, it means the people who work with these routines every day. Who need software that is easily accessible and easy to use. People who need to structure their processes while staying flexible – and who have to do the checking, without wasting time.

Korasoft has all of this in mind – as an experienced helper in CAFM.

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Planning and Building

When it comes to planning and building, Korasoft supports colleges and universities with high-performance and compatible solutions.

CAFM solutions from Korasoft use a variety of approaches to make data readily available. These include CAD applications such as AutoCAD and Architecture, as well as BIM solutions such as Revit and BIM360.

Integrating on-premises solutions and cloud solutions on both sides creates a diversified approach that is unique in the market for CAFM with SAP. Making it possible to work from the cloud into the cloud, with cross-system integration and direct access from any device.

This is another thing that differentiates Korasoft – always being that one step ahead.

How do you want to use Korasoft?

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