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Korasoft Draw Analyze – Analyzing CAD Drawings

Can I use my CAD drawings to get building master data for SAP?

CAFM in SAP is even more efficient and intuitive when enhanced with floor drawings. Floor drawings are typically available as CAD files created by an Architectural or Engineering team. However, certain elements have to be present in a CAD floor plan to qualify it for use in SAP – but how can this be verified?

Korasoft Draw Analyze can be used to evaluate the structure of a CAD file and understand its’s readiness for synchronization into SAP. Simply upload a CAD file to this browser-based utility, follow the simple steps to select desired layers and attributes, and let the tool analyze. The result is a report of qualified elements that make up the spaces and attributes necessary for the creation of SAP master data.

More importantly, the tool also gives detailed insight into the defects or gaps in the drawing – such as missing space polygons, mismatched text stamps and various other issues. With this useful information, drawing errors can be corrected, rechecked and prepared for synchronization into SAP.

Furthermore, Draw Analyze is a cloud service from Korasoft and freely available to anyone with a need to validate a CAD drawing. Share amongst co-workers, suppliers, external contractors or architects – anyone can upload, analyze and immediately understand how qualified a CAD drawing for integration with SAP.

Four Steps and You’re Done!

With Korasoft Draw Analyze it only takes four steps to get the full insight, perspective and prospect of your drawing. The steps:

  • Upload a CAD drawing
  • Start analysis:
    • Are there rooms or space polygons?
    • Are there any room stamps?
    • Does every room carry a unique room ID?
  • Evaluate results:
    • What data is available and valid?
    • What has to be added or corrected?
  • Defining required data:
    • What can be exported?
    • Is it necessary to adjust classifications to internal SAP standards?

These are the primary steps to evaluate a CAD drawing for readiness to be used in SAP.

Overview Where Complexity Rules

Korasoft Draw Analyze prepares all data in a CAD drawing in two formats:

  • as a table view of all available layers
  • as a graphic view that shows the floor plan

And both are linked to each other:

Clicking a row in the table will set focus on the corresponding elements of the CAD drawing in the graphical view and removes all lines, texts and icons, everything that doesn’t belong to this specific element.

Thus, a single mouse click gives a lot more insight and focus at once.

Simple and intuitive.

…And What Is Really Needed?

Facility management with SAP, primarily requires the following: room data, in SAP also known as master data.

To identify room data simple search the table for such data that usually belongs to rooms, e.g.:

  • Room stamp
  • Room number
  • Room type
  • Room name
  • Door plate labeling
  • Space evaluation
  • Floor cover
  • Area size

And if uncertain what a row refers to simply click it and Korasoft Draw Analyze dispalys   the matching elements in the graphical view that shows the CAD drawing.

Simply Use It – Anywhere

Korasoft Draw Analyze is a web service available to the public: As soon as it is needed, its available.

Thus, it’s possible to analyze any CAD drawing when required. And it does not matter where you are at the moment:

  • In the office
  • In the office at your home
  • On the road
  • At the architects office
  • At the CAD designers
  • At the stress analyst
  • At the measurement service
  • At the landlords
  • When buying a new estate
  • When talking to the management

And of course, staff can also have a look and analyze by themselves. Its all available directly from your web browser. Without installation. Without licensing. Without servers or connection settings.

Simple and easy. The Korasoft way.

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