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Korasoft Occupy Cube Design – Planning Work Spaces in the Web Browser

Automated and Precise

Korasoft Occupy Cube Design is the perfect tool to instantly plan, evaluate and generate work spaces directly in SAP Fiori. And of course, this Korasoft visual tool works right on the desired floor plan of your building.

Setting up new work spaces can be done in three simple steps:

  • Select an open area on the floorplan
  • Define Cube sizes
  • Click “Apply”

Planning new work spaces can be that easy. No matter if it’s only a hand full of staff to seat, or if you have to fill an entire floor.

It’s easy to see how Korasoft Occupy Cube Design expedites work space planning tremendously.

korasoft occupy cube design – choose area

Step 1: Select Area

Korasoft Occupy Cube Design makes it easy to plan new work spaces of any size on any type of floor. It only takes three steps:

In step one, you choose an area for the new work spaces. Simply draw a rectangle selection around the desired area, or for more precise definition use the object snap feature to catch existing points on the floor plan – just as you prefer.

As you define the area, Korasoft Occupy Cube Design dynamically displays the calculated area size – square feet or meters as required. Thus, the exact area for the new work spaces are always at hand.

And once the area is defined? Simply release the mouse button and click on Step 2:

korasoft occupy cube deit - 2 - planung mit varianten

Step 2: Design

Once the area is selected, work spaces ‘cubes’ can be generated automatically. Simply define length and width parameters including passage size for aisles.

The work spaces are generated accordingly and change instantly to any value adjustments. The layout direction can also be switched from horizontal to vertical or vice versa to best fit the overall available area:

More work spaces with changes in sizes or orientation? Or more space for any individual work space in the given area? Whatever the need, Korasoft Occupy Cube Design delivers flexibility to plan the optimal new work area.

Korasoft Occupy Cube Design – support with flexibility.

korasoft occupy cube design report

Step 3: Report

How much space is covered? How many work spaces are assigned to it? How wide are the aisles? What is the percentage of covered floor area?  

Questions like these are easily answered by the Korasoft Occupy Cube Design report displayed in step 3. Thus, with one click of a button you can check whether all requirements are met and whether the design can be finalized.

Everything looks good? Simply click “Create new Workspace Layout” – that is all to finish your task.

office situation (c) israel andrade unsplash

Step 4: Done

With a single final click, the planned design is directly created as new space master data in your SAP system.

Korasoft Occupy Cube Design writes all design decisions directly into the SAP database thus securing that everything will be carried out exactly how it was planned.

And now? Just start with the next work space planning and enjoy the success!

Thanks to Korasoft Occupy Cube Design. 



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