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Korasoft Room Measure – Measuring Floor Plans Directly in the Web Browser

Search. Find. Measure.

Korasoft Room Measure simplifies working with floor plans directly in the browser:

The integrated search functionality locates the desired room in the fraction of a second, even in large floor plans. It is even possible to directly search for specific objects in a room. This can also be done for text elements that are part of the floor drawing itself. Korasoft Measure will find what is needed.

If sizes displayed in a room stamp are not adequate or questionable, Korasoft Room Measure provides a simple utility to measure and verify – directly in the floor plan with a web browser and in your SAP!

Korasoft Room Measure can measure both linear distances and areas. For added flexibility, the object’s shape is not an issue: Whether rectangular or a polygon with diagonals, corners and bents – Korasoft Room Measure always extracts the data accurately, with a click or two.

Korasoft Room Measure: Searching, finding, measuring. It’s never been easier!

korasoft edit measure - length
korasoft edit - diverse grundrisse

2D or 3D – Which Plan Can It Be?

Korasoft Room Measure is highly flexible. Whether the source of a floor plan is a 2D CAD drawing or extracted from a 3D BIM model, this flexible browser-based tool will find and measure – no matter the source. Drawing or Model scale is detected automatically for even more simplicity. And all the data whether existing or new remains part of your SAP system.

If building and floor drawings are only available non-native formats, e.g., as PDF files or even paper copies, Korasoft can dynamically edit them for you, including applying the correct scale. Once processed, these documents are ready to serve as reliable references directly in the web browser.

With Korasoft Room Measure, floor plans are no longer a question of format. Simply use what’s available to work with directly in your web browser. No need for proprietary CAD tools, within the security of your SAP environment.

Korasoft Room Measure – Results when you need it!

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