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Korasoft Room Furnish – Setting up Furniture Directly in the Web Browser

Desks, Chairs, Table Tennis,…

Korasoft Room Furnish makes placing furniture in your floor plan quick and easy. And it’s not limited to furniture, any objects such as coffee makers, microwave ovens or even recreational elements such as table tennis or pool tables can be placed by simple mouse-clicks directly on the floor plan in your web browser.

Even more…

It does not make a difference whether it is a single room or an entire floor that needs furnishing. Korasoft Room Furnish handles all plans both small and large with the same precision and reliability.

A predefined library provides a full suite of objects for use. And if something’s missing it can easily be added to the library. Chairs, desks, filing cabinets, shelves, coat racks, conference tables, whiteboards, projectors…the variety of objects can be extended continuously, on demand.

Korasoft Room Furnish: Placing furniture with a click of your mouse.

korasoft room furnish - kicker
Korasoft room furnish details

From Single Seat to Full Floor

Korasoft Room Furnish is flexible enough to manage any task whether it is a single work space, an open office area or an entire floor that has to be furnished. Every scenario can be handled with the same precision and reliability.

Place any required object directly on the floor plan in your web browser – Korasoft always saves any input and planning steps safely and securely directly in SAP.

Korasoft Room Furnish – a reliable assistant.

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Which Floor Plan Can It Be?

Korasoft Room Furnish works on floor plans from various sources. Whether the original was a CAD drawing or extracted from a BIM model, this flexible browser-based tool will place furniture no matter what the source.

Any DWG-, DGN-, Revit- or IFC files can serve as basis. After importing these files with Korasoft Draw into SAP they are ready to use for Korasoft Room Furnish.

Simply use exactly the originals you have to work with – directly in your web browser. Without CAD software. Safely and securely in SAP.

Just as you need it.

korasoft room furnish autodac download

..And Back Into CAD.

Want to take the changes back from SAP to CAD? Changes to a floor plan created with Korasoft Room Furnish now must be taken back into the original CAD drawing. Well that’s simple!

The answer is Korasoft Draw Design Download. It is the perfect tool to do the task: Integrated directly into AutoCAD it is a question of a single mouse click to write modifications done with Korasoft Room Furnish back into the original CAD floor plan. 

We’ve come full circle!

Starting with a change request for CAD and synchronizing the floor plan, changes are applied to the plan using Korasoft web editing tools, now their re-import into AutoCAD triggers a new change request and gets everything back in line.

 Korasoft Room Furnish – the round up for furnishing.

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