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Korasoft Occupy – Space Management in SAP

Places, Please

Occupancy management has the goal of making optimal use of rooms and spaces. Korasoft Occupy enables you to plan and implement perfect allocation of your space directly in SAP.

The occupancy management solution from Korasoft has proven to be an extremely flexible tool that provides you with all the design features you need to achieve quick and reliable results in easy-to-use SAP Fiori.

The clear-cut design accelerates your workflows and gives you the support you need for the precise execution of all necessary tasks. The compact information layout right from the selection dialog gives you a transparent overview that makes it easier to assign rooms and spaces efficiently.

And thanks to the flexibility of SAP Fiori, you can work with Korasoft Occupy directly in your browser. This way you have everything under control. Anywhere you work.

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Korasoft Occupy provides you with all the information you need for managing space allocation. Just how detailed this information should be, is determined by you and your SAP database. And not only does Korasoft Occupy give you information, it also ensures that only the data you currently need are made available. It can also import data from your CAD drawings, which is what differentiates Korasoft: integration of CAD in SAP for optimum CAFM.

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A core requirement of Korasoft Occupy is user friendliness. You immediately find your way around the windows and masks of the software. Enter only the data that is required and the system displays the information that is relevant. The benefits are obvious: with a simple tool at your fingertips you get your work done faster and more efficiently.

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Korasoft Occupy is a genuine SAP Fiori app, which means Korasoft Occupy is embedded seamlessly in SAP with all its benefits: direct access to your data, direct integration in commercial and technical processes, revision-safe and therefore extremely reliable.

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