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Korasoft Edit – Editing Drawings without CAD

Our Little Family

Facility Management is easy when it’s visual – on a floor drawing! However, often, changes to a floor plan, such as, the area of a space, addition of new spaces, or even reduction of spaces, are necessary. These changes traditionally require the source CAD drawing to be updated, but, now with the new Korasoft Edit family of web editors, it can be done directly in SAP without CAD software or adept knowledge of CAD!

Each toolset in the Korasoft Edit family is designed for a specific use case, to offer a lightweight and easy-to-use application. With Korasoft Edit, locating, modifying or redlining elements in drawings of all sizes are simplified, directly in the web browser.

The Korasoft Edit tool family places an array of handy utilities to quickly create changes, directly on the floor plan and maintain rich SAP data simultaneously. The spaces are usable in real-time for immediate placement of furniture or equipment. Rental spaces which are created can be tied to lease contracts and occupancy can be maintained in such designated spaces.

It’s flexible enough to even create an entire new floor layout. All this without ever opening CAD software or the skillset of an architect!

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No Question of Format

Sometimes a CAD floor drawing is not available or fully up to specification for synchronization in SAP.

Whether a floor plan needs minor modification or has to be entirely digitized from a PDF file, Korasoft Edit makes it easier to bridge the gaps and synchronize in SAP, quicker.

Start with an existing building or floor plan and digitize the entire plan or a portion of it, directly in the web browser, without dedicated CAD or BIM tools!

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Korasoft Edit Import:

Update Changes back to CAD

New changes in a floor plan created with Korasoft Edit must be carried back to the original CAD drawing? This can be easily done with Korasoft Edit Import!

Korasoft Edit Import is directly integrated with AutoCAD and with a single mouse click, front-end modifications done in Fiori using Korasoft Edit can be taken back to the original CAD floor plan. 

We’ve come full circle:

Start with changes to a floor plan directly in the front-end using Korasoft Edit tools. This creates a change request to synchronize the existing CAD floor plan. These changes can now be imported back to AutoCAD using Korasoft Edit Import and everything’s back in line.

Korasoft Edit Import – an all-round solution.

korasoft edit measure - length

Korasoft Edit Measure:

Search. Find. Measure.

Korasoft Edit Measure is a perfect companion for many daily tasks. The built-in search functionality helps to quickly locate a particular room or element in a large floor plan, simply by text search.

If distance or area details are needed but not given, Korasoft Edit Measure can help! The tool can be used to measure lengths between two points or calculate areas of simple squares, circles or complex polygons.

As always with Korasoft solutions, Korasoft Edit Measure is intuitive to use, reliable and flexible. It works in the web browser and is secured by SAP technology.

A perfect choice to analyze and plan changes or quickly provide space information!

Korasoft Edit Lease _ Mietflächen schneiden

Korasoft Edit Lease:

Rental Spaces? Simply drawn!

Korasoft Edit Lease is a lightweight graphical space editing tool to define leasable areas on a floor drawing, directly in a web browser. It makes lease management much easier and helps to improve profits.

Korasoft Edit Lease creates rentals spaces on the basis of room geometries. Users can define, or re-define room polygons, excluding walls, conduits or other non-usable areas to specify leasable areas with great accuracy.

The geometric tools consist of an intelligent draw polygon feature with ‘Object Snap’ to automatically detect and attach points to existing coordinates in the drawing and aid in the accurate creation of space polygons. Users can enable Middle Snap points or Dynamic Mode features to gain even further control in more complex spaces.

For the first time, Facility managers can design and control rental areas directly in their CAFM solution in SAP, without CAD software or plugins or even the advanced skills to use it. This saves time, reduces investments in tools or resources and maximizes flexibility of the Facility Management team.

There is no doubt, Korasoft Edit Lease offers the simplest way to create rental spaces in SAP. Rewarding in multiple aspects: Saved time, Saved expenses and Enhanced profits – quicker!

And making it even simpler, Korasoft Edit Lease can be implemented directly from your SAP cloud solution to your web browser, seamless and secure. Just as it’s needed!

Korasoft Edit Lease – it can be that simple!

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