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Korasoft – CAFM Solutions for Every Industry

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Chemical + Pharmaceutical

The chemical and pharmaceutical industries are among those with the highest demands on their CAFM system. While extremely diverse, they have two requirements in common: They both expect the highest level of security and absolute professionalism.

The seamless integration of Korasoft applications in SAP PM and SAP RE-FX creates the basis for implementing commercial data, CAD drawings and the requirements of maintenance and servicing, occupancy and use – in a single system.

A unique benefit for you.


Colleges and universities are among the institutions with the greatest variety of buildings and technical equipment. The requirements for CAFM systems in such an environment are equally demanding.

Korasoft has been supporting some of the leading universities and colleges in Germany for many years now, with CAFM solutions embedded in SAP.

Use our lead to your own advantage.

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There’s hardly any other sector on which society is as dependent as the energy sector. Without energy service providers, our highly technological lifestyles would be unimaginable, so reliability is the top priority here.

Korasoft supports energy providers with a range of solutions for controlling and operating real estate and technical equipment. A special focus lies on facilities that are subject to inspections and facilities where safety is particularly relevant. Because safe should stay safe.

For optimal performance, Korasoft is embedded in SAP RE-FX, SAP PM and SAP Fiori. This ensures your FM team the best possible control of your real estate and assets – with CAFM directly integrated in SAP.

Your plus in performance with Korasoft.


Clinics and hospitals, but also nursing homes, are subject to strict regulations and must pay special attention to the safety and reliability of all technical equipment. And maximum cost efficiency is also essential.

Korasoft integrates the technical, commercial and medical requirements in the daily operation of the real estate and assets. This ensures optimum security and safety – with CAFM embedded in SAP.

Trust our expertise.

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Public Sector

Cities, districts, municipalities and ministries are all subject to special regulations on cost management and transparency. The advanced solutions from Korasoft provide support that is tailored to these special structures, all the way down to public accounting and operator responsibility.

Our extensive experience in the municipal sector and beyond allows you to quickly find an effective solution for your fields of application. One that integrates seamlessly in your SAP, is easy to use and offers you a wide range of advantages, from transparency to accountability.

Benefit from our experience.

Public Transport

Whether national railway companies or municipal providers of local public transport, they all benefit from CAFM solutions with Korasoft in SAP.

Due to the close connection between the commercial data and the real estate and asset data, Korasoft provides simple and sustainable solutions for the diversified range of requirements of the individual customers.

See for yourself.

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Other Sectors

Korasoft is every bit as flexible as SAP, which makes it difficult to demonstrate the entire spectrum of our solutions and industry expertise.

If your sector is not listed here, that doesn’t mean that we can’t find a solution for you and draw on our experience of the industry.

Just get in touch!

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