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Korasoft for Cities and Municipalities

CAFM for the Public Sector

The real estate portfolio of cities, municipalities and districts is as extensive as it is diversified.

It ranges from schools and kindergartens to sports facilities, includes administrative buildings and fire stations, as well as parks, swimming pools, theaters and estates – a list that is already long but not yet complete.

CAFM solutions from Korasoft give insights and an overview. Knowing your own real estate is key, especially in light of the chronically tense financial situation in the public sector and the high level of foot traffic passing through the various facilities.

But thanks to CAFM the requirements of operator obligations and responsibilities can be met reliably.

Korasoft – CAFM with security.

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What office occupies which space? And which spaces are used for what? Where is capacity available and where is there a need for it? Who cleans where and at what cost?

A CAFM system answers questions such as these with just one click. And it can do even more: space utilization and move organization, integrated in SAP with the necessary components for invoicing, accounting and reporting.

This way you stay in control. With Korasoft.

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Technology and More

Technology in the public sector is as comprehensive as the type of buildings to be managed. Simple lamps need maintenance as much as elevators and escalators, power doors, fire protection equipment and heating & air conditioning systems.

This also includes specialized technology, such as pumps in swimming pools or emergency power generators. This increases the level of responsibility and with it the need for a powerful and easy-to-use tool.

Korasoft is this tool: easy to use for reliable results. The perfect helper for you.

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Parks and Recreation

Duties and responsibilities don’t stop at the front door. They also include the maintenance of parks and recreational areas.

Korasoft gives support with modules tailored to special tasks, such as lawn maintenance, tree pruning and inspections. It’s all stored in the system, along with maps and every tree in its correct spot.

This way, you not only keep an overview but can also effortlessly assign tasks to your employees and external service providers, and also track and monitor their work.

Take advantage of the benefits of Korasoft!

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