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Korasoft for Healthcare

Clinics and Hospitals

Clinics and hospitals are some of the most sensitive infrastructures. Being open to the public, there is a great deal of foot traffic, while certain areas are subject to various levels of security and protection. This must be identified reliably and enforced throughout.

In order to cope with these tasks in all their complexity, facility management in the healthcare sector needs a reliable and powerful tool – a CAFM system such as Korasoft.

Tried and tested over many years, comprehensive in its functionality, easy to use and securely embedded in SAP.

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Hospitals and clinics require precision everywhere, because surgeries ultimately require the same accuracy and care as providing the necessary infrastructure.

Korasoft supports you in many areas of everyday hospital life, be it cleaning, maintenance of building services, servicing of medical equipment or occupancy planning in the wards. Or a move due to reconstruction, renovation or expansion measures.

Critical dates are stored in the system and tracked to ensure that all work gets done on time. On the scheduled date, the staff in charge receive a notification and confirm that the work has been completed – directly in the system.

The booking of orders and services can also be directly embedded in Korasoft. Integrated in SAP, all processes are precisely displayed and reliably documented.

This way, you always have everything under control.

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The legal regulations in the healthcare sector are very strict, especially when it comes to the operation of the hospital. The requirements for transparent and reliable documentation are therefore also extensive.

CAFM solutions from Korasoft are fully embedded in SAP. This allows you to benefit from the reliable documentation of all services, in terms of employee protection, operator obligations and the all-important aspect of revision safety.

And yet Korasoft is so easy to use – not only as a tool used by various employees every day, but also when it comes to evaluations and verifications. This creates a high level of transparency, at any time and with just one click.

Exactly as it should be.

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Safety in hospitals encompasses a variety of different areas. The operational safety of technical equipment must be considered just as much as the reliable availability of medical equipment or hygiene regulations, which must be adhered to conscientiously.

Korasoft is familiar with these necessities, thanks to many years of experience, and implements them in their CAFM solutions. This provides the basis for safe operations.

To this end, Korasoft integrates numerous routines for planning checks and inspections, as well as monitoring their execution. This gives you the security of taking care of your daily duties reliably.

Since Korasoft solutions are completely embedded in SAP, you benefit directly from the dependability and security of the widely used ERP system, in terms of both availability and revision safety.

With Korasoft, you therefore have a solid and secure platform for your facility management – and beyond.

For your safety and that of your staff. And for the safety of your patients.

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