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Korasoft – The Company

Specialist for Specialists

Korasoft is a leading software vendor specializing in solutions for facility management in SAP.

Korasoft integrates CAD graphics and BIM models seamlessly in the data landscape of SAP systems, providing quick and easy solutions for CAFM and CREM, meeting the needs of a wide range of companies and sectors.

The advanced design features of the Korasoft frontend offer perfect integration alongside simple and intuitive operation for achieving maximum efficiency. Web-based and device independent, the solutions from Korasoft can be accessed anywhere you work.

The Korasoft team has been developing solutions for CAFM and SAP since 1999, and in 2002 Korasoft was founded as a company. Headquartered in Aichtal nearby Stuttgart, Germany, Korasoft also has two subsidiaries in the US. This keeps us true to our goal.

Providing perfect solutions for our users – anytime, tailor-made, flexible and fast.

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The Korasoft Team

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In every software company, the developers make all the difference. They master complex tasks, keep to tight timeframes, enable seamless integration and ensure customer satisfaction – a list that describes the exact qualities that have defined Korasoft from the very beginning and to this day. And this also gives you the assurance of receiving a professional solution for your CAFM in SAP that will significantly simplify and improve your workflows, while optimizing portfolio performance.

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Consulting is the mediator between the client and the developer. And Korasoft is no exception. But we take it one step further: Our consultants are highly educated developers and experts with practical experience in the field. They have developed software themselves or have gained their knowledge on the user side – with CAFM in SAP. We understand the goals you have in mind and know how they can be achieved. With Korasoft in SAP.

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Management makes decisions about the performance of a company. The maxim at Korasoft is keeping an open mind in interactions with people, anticipating their wishes and goals, giving them the best-possible support and creating solutions together. Together with our team we provide our users and clients with the support they need. So everyone gets exactly what they need – in the highest-possible quality. We wouldn’t stop at anything less.

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