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Korasoft Lease – Lease Management in SAP

Lease Management Made Easy

Whether private, commercial or mixed – Korasoft Lease supports renting out to anyone anytime. It also does not matter whether tenants are external or internal, whether it is real businesses, persons or even cost centers within your organization. Or all of it at once.

With Korasoft Lease any lease scenario is covered: Small and large real estate portfolios and the internal organization of rooms and areas alike.

Of course – like always with Korasoft – all work is done easily and well arranged with SAP Fiori right inside your SAP system.

Korasoft Lease – Lease Management made attractive.


Produktive Workflow

The Korasoft Lease user interface makes lease management easy and smooth:

Well-structured and logically arranged, it applies the Korasoft usability concept to make working with leases intuitive and straightforward.

Data input fields in task windows are organized and self-explanatory. Data can be accessed directly and exact details can be pinpointed precisely.

Because software is only useful when it helps to minimize workload!

Korasoft Lease – better productivity in SAP.

Structured Workflow

The clearly structured workflow of Korasoft Lease supports lease management perfectly and leads the user step-by-step through all the relevant tasks:

Selecting the building and floor, then selecting partners or cost centers, placing occupants, adjusting rooms, validating lease tasks and finally executing – each step is right in focus when it has to be worked on. Thus, no aspect gets lost and planning is quickly completed.

Complex plans with multiple projects requiring to be worked in parallel? Thanks to the intelligent checks and validations in Korasoft Lease, nothing gets lost and a perfect overview is provided at all times so plans can be executed in order.

Korasoft Lease – hit the goal with ease.


Results Secured

Korasoft Lease is a perfect SAP Fiori App. It provides great usability with direct integration into SAP with all possible advantages:

  • Direct access to your data
  • Direct integration into commercial and technical processes
  • Audit-proof 
  • Future-proof

This makes Korasoft Lease a highly reliable tool!

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