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Korasoft Occupy Social Distancing

Your Safety Advantages

The Corona pandemic is making reminding us of the responsibility for our own staff on a daily basis.

We shouldn’t have to wait for the presence of Covid-19 pathogens to bring topics such as social distancing and the so-called 6 Feet Office concept back into focus, because employee health is always the most valuable asset of any company.

The Korasoft Occupy Social Distancing add-on supports you in finding the optimal solution for every room layout and employee situation – directly in your SAP system, of course.

For extra safety – right from the start.

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Check Seats

The Big Reset begs the question: Do I now need to reorganized my offices?

In most cases, the answer is: yes. The desks are too close together, group workstations have too many seats and the rooms are planned for too many people.

Korasoft Occupy Social Distancing provides immediate clarity: Which seats may be occupied? Which employees must be moved to a different workstation? Where do you need to make more room and which area needs rearranging?

The color coding of the add-on is simple and intuitive. It immediately highlights the 6 Feet Office and can also be preset for other distances, for example the 1.5 meters (5 feet), which is a frequently recommended minimum distance in Germany.

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Occupancy Optimization

Korasoft Occupy Social Distancing is directly integrated into the occupancy management of Korasoft and therefore directly into SAP. This way you can use all the functions of Korasoft Occupy to organize the allowed occupancies:

  • Select the employees who need to be assigned a new workstation.
  • Determine the work area you want to allocate to them.
  • Modify your placement so that specific employees can work more efficiently at adjacent tables.

In essence, this is the same as what you do with your Korasoft occupancy management. In the Social Distancing product, it is merely supplemented by the health component.

That’s optimal occupancy.

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Planning New Buildings

Of course, social distancing measures can also be taken into consideration when planning new construction projects. It’s even better when the ideal number of employees per floor can be determined from the get-go, allowing you to determine the maximum space that will be required.

Korasoft Occupy Social Distancing can also be used here the usual way: Mark the areas you want occupied in the CAD plan and let the algorithm calculate what is most economical for you.

Here again, the results are displayed in a clear, comprehensible way with color-coded areas. So you immediately know without a doubt that your employees can do their work safely and efficiently.

And as for you? You’ve verifiably fulfilled all requirements.

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