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Korasoft FAQs

Korasoft is a developer of software for computer-aided facility management in SAP. It’s also the brand name of all our software products and represents the CAFM solution competence of our company.

Korasoft is the software provider with the most experience in the integration of CAFM in SAP.

We operate in countless sectors and have clients with a wide range of requirements.

Whatever your business is, we use our wealth of experience to create the optimal CAFM solution in SAP to support you.

Korasoft is primarily a developer of CAFM software for SAP. But we are also happy to support our clients in the integration of our solutions in their SAP systems and also help them import their CAD drawings and BIM data into their SAP.

This makes Korasoft both a software provider and a reliable partner for all aspects of CAFM in SAP.

Since 1999 the Korasoft team has focused exclusively on the development of CAFM software for SAP. We are the most experienced specialists with the most comprehensive range of software solutions for independent facility management. All our products work as integral components of the SAP system.

Korasoft is not an interface for bundling SAP features to give facility management teams a halfway decent tool for their work.

Korasoft is a software product that was developed by us, one that precisely addresses the requirements of CAFM. It supports all processes associated with FM and offers, for example, its own solution which is a significantly better aid for the maintenance management of real estate, than the applications offered by SAP.

We also integrate the CAD and BIM plans of the architects and planners, including all the corresponding data, which we streamline to the SAP nomenclature and integrate in the database.

So Korasoft offers you the best possible CAFM integration in SAP.

Although the solutions from Korasoft are offered as separate modules, they always network as an integrated CAFM system in SAP. Therefore, you can always start running your CAFM system with Korasoft right where you need it the most and then later expand it to include other areas. The modules from Korasoft always work together as a unit.

If you want to use Koraosft in SAP for your facility management, you will not need any separate interfaces.

Korasoft works as an integral component of your SAP system using the database and features already provided by SAP. We add our own service features.

Korasoft can work with the CAD format of SAP, although the CAD solution from SAP was designed for product and industrial design and not for real estate.

That’s why our users generally use CAD plans from software designed for building and planning real estate, for example AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture or Revit.

Korasoft works with CAD for two reasons. The formal reason is that, by definition, a CAFM system is only perfect if it can integrate blueprints of the buildings, which are usually provided in the form of a CAD drawing.

The practical reason is that without CAD drawings, the facility management of large buildings and building complexes or property portfolios quickly becomes very complex and confusing. CAD plans provide an overview, facilitate planning by making it more precise, and ensure that all necessary work steps are taken more rapidly and reliably.

So there’s a lot to be said for CAFM with CAD in SAP.

Korasoft is an instrumental tool for processing data and graphics from BIM models, for example, from AutoCAD Revit in SAP.

Korasoft is also capable of reading IFC data and integrating it in the SAP data model of your system.

This makes Korasoft the perfect helper for integrating BIM in SAP.

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