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What is new at Korasoft? Our press releases tell you about recent developments and changes at Korasoft.

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Norbert Gräser - BIM Experte Korasoft

Norbert Gräser Adds to Korasoft’s BIM Consulting

21.10.2020 – Korasoft is happy to announce that Norbert Gräser is adding to the BIM expertise of the Korasoft consulting team. Gräser has a proven track record as an expert in BIM and CAFM for some 20 years. He works for Korasoft since September 1st 2020.

Korasoft Draw Datenimport DGN-Datei Bentley Systems Microstation

Korasoft Integrates Import of  Bentley Microstation DGN Files into CAFM With SAP

06.10.2020 – Korasoft has extended the capabilities of its CAD tool Korasoft Draw to include the import of DGN files of Bentley Systems MicroStation. Korasoft Draw already supports the import of Autodesk AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit files for CAFM in SAP.

sebastian graf - korasoft system- und sap-administrator

Sebastian Graf New System and SAP Administrator with Korasoft

26.08.2020 – Sebastian Graf is the new administrtor für SAP and IT systems at Korasoft. The 37 year old IT expert worked in a similar position at a medium size company for the last years. Apart from SAP systems Graf’s responsibility at Korasoft covers ERP, DMS, Microsoft Exchange and other systems. Graf’s position has been newly created.

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New Module: Korasoft Pace Defines Best Path Using Algorithms

26.05.2020 –Which way is the best between two or more waypoints? The new module Korasoft Pace gives the answer. It automatically lays out the best way and can even take out specific areas like clean rooms, which are expensive to sanitize. Korasoft Pace can be employed for visitor guidance, fire fighting, deliveries, moving and many more.

default img

New Add-on Korasoft Occupy Social Distancing for Re-start With Covid-19

05.05.2020 –To accelerate the re-start of office work Korasoft introduces the new add-on Korasoft Occupy Social Distancing. It is an extension to the Korasoft Occupy module for occupancy management. The add-on automatically divides workspaces into so called 6-feet-offices. To comply with WHO recommendations and local regulations for safe working areas in closed rooms the necessary distance can be defined by the user.

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Korasoft Launches New Website

29.04.2020 – In the wake of rebranding Korasoft today launched a new website. Its open uncongested design offers more detail and a clear focus on customer benefit from solutions for CAFM, CAD and BIM in SAP with Korasoft.

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Korasoft Presents New CI

08.04.2020 – Korasoft today presents its new corporate identity. It is caracterized by vivid orange, a new lettering and a design that incorporates elements of a computer keyboard. It shall illustrate the company’s formula for success: ease of use, dynamics and being up to date the keys factors for the position as the market leader for CAFM, CAD and BIM in SAP.

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Korasoft: Stacking Improves Moving Staff in SAP

03.12.2019 – Korasoft has extended the company’s graphically supported move management for SAP. The new add-on Korasoft Move Stacking accelerates and improves moving staff by introducing stacking diagrams and batch processing that can be used right inside SAP.

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