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Korasoft for Chemical + Pharmaceutical

Safety and Overview

Working with highly sensitive materials and products, chemical and pharmaceutical companies are among the most demanding users when it comes to both technical equipment and software.

Thanks to our many years of experience, Korasoft can reliably meet these requirements. We support chemical and pharmaceutical companies in setting up, installing and operating their systems, always tailored to the highly individual needs of the respective operational unit.

In terms of facility management, this creates the essential prerequisites for economical and safe operations.

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Maintenance and Servicing

In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, maintenance and servicing are essential not only for the operability of the technical equipment but also for the operability of the buildings and factory halls.

For maintenance and servicing processes Korasoft uses the same basis as SAP PM, which can be linked. This means that, in addition to simple routines, more extensive work can also be planned and executed in an integrative way.

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Clean Room Included

CAFM solutions from Korasoft can do many of the things that are important for companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. This includes, for example, the management of clean rooms.

Clean rooms are protected by special access rights. They require special and very expensive cleaning and should not be entered without a valid reason.

Korasoft takes this sensitivity into account, for example in the algorithm-supported movement planning, which can deliberately bypass clean rooms and yet generate optimal pathfinding.

It’s details like these that make Korasoft a technological leader in the market.

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Focus on People

Every software is created to benefit people. This also applies to Korasoft.

CAFM solutions from Korasoft make the jobs of facility managers easier all over the world. This way, they can better care for the occupants of their properties and create a more productive working environment, leading to added value for the company not only for its core business but also for its technical facility management.

There is no doubt that Korasoft creates added value on many levels. For you as well.

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