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Korasoft for Transportation

CAFM Anytime

The right time for CAFM is anytime, especially for public transport providers. Not only do they move many thousands of people every day, these people also occupy bus and tram stops and pass through train stations and other buildings.

This includes employees in the office or workshop, passengers in or in front of the station or on the subway platform, and drivers and passengers in tunnels.

Each of these examples comes with its own set of requirements. A CAFM solution from Korasoft will handle it all reliably.

Embedded in SAP, Korasoft provides you with a high-performance system that can also integrate CAD plans and BIM models.

Take advantage of this diversity and dependability. CAFM with Korasoft.

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Overview Inside and Out

Whether it’s an office building, subway station, tram stop, train station, locomotive storage unit, bus depot, repair shop, workshop or washing bay – with a CAFM solution from Korasoft you can organize maintenance, repairs, energy costs, space utilization and much more – directly in SAP.

With your CAD drawings imported, Korasoft supports you in all aspects of building services management. Be it space assignment, cleaning, maintenance or documentation, with Korasoft you have all your data at hand.

This guarantees security for the operations of the facilities, as well as in the context of the data management and inspections.

Korasoft offers you all these advantages. And much more.

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Technology and Security

Public transport providers also move people on a smaller scale. Elevators and escalators transport thousands of people to and from subway platforms every day. And ramps at tram and bus stops help wheelchair users get to the bus or tram.

This technology must function reliably, just like the air conditioning & heating, fire protection and automatic doors.

With Korasoft, you have your maintenance and servicing right at your fingertips. You know when which work is due, who is assigned which task and when the work is completed. You can plan the next jobs and consistently track omissions or oversights.

This way, you meet the safety regulations and operator obligations. Your passengers and employees benefit from this every day. And in critical cases, so do you.

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People at the Core

Whether as an employee or as a passenger – people are key for public transport companies. That’s why Korasoft is designed for people.

The user-friendly design and intuitive handling of the solutions from Korasoft make it incredibly easy to manage and operate real estate and technical facilities with maximum efficiency.

Clear structures, cloud access and offline use make it easier for all staff to get their work done. Even a technician with a smartphone doing maintenance work in an engine room.

The easy accessibility of Korasoft solutions stems from our many years of experience. Because we have been developing CAFM applications for SAP since 1999.

So it’s easier for you to keep your costs under control, utilize your real estate more efficiently and increase security. While benefiting from Korasoft, every single day.

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