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Korasoft for Energy Providers

CAFM – Power to the People

Energy providers carry a lot of responsibility, as power and utilities are a central prerequisite for modern societies. And not only the power plants play an important role, but also the buildings and structures that are vital for the production and distribution of power and utilities.

Management, technicians and sales teams must also be able to do their work consistently and reliably. Which makes it all the more important to have all processes in and around the facilities – as well as their maintenance – securely under control.

With CAFM solutions from Korasoft, energy providers have all the tools they need at their fingertips – directly in SAP. And since the applications from Korasoft also work in SAP PM, the scope of utilization is almost endless.

The perfect basis for integrative added value across all segments.

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Old and New

Most energy providers are enterprises that have grown over time. Which means there are many different kinds of buildings and facilities in the portfolio.

Korasoft is extremely flexible and can be easily customized to fit all kinds of conditions. Be it a heritage-protected building or a BIM model – each can be embedded with their special requirements in the CAFM system.

The same applies to various types of buildings and facilities. Office buildings, switching stations and co-generating plants, among others, are precisely represented with all their specific requirements in CAFM – including their maintenance cycles. For buildings and for technology.

And the fact that Korasoft can be seamlessly integrated in SAP PM is extremely useful. Together we are always stronger.

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Inside and Outside

Korasoft is an advanced CAFM solution that can be implemented both out- and indoors.

Whether it’s a windmill farm or solar fields – everything can be precisely entered, displayed in the embedded maps, right down to the exact site, and integrated in the necessary processes for maintenance, repair services and even grounds care.

This gives you a transparent and solid basis for all your facility management tasks for every aspect of your buildings, facilities, safety and operations.

This comprehensive flexibility is unique in the market.

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Overview in XXL

With Korasoft CAFM your buildings and technical facilities are not only easy to locate, they are also easy to evaluate.

A wide range of analytic tools guarantee you deep insights into your real estate: its condition, maintenance cycles, energy consumption, utilization, occupancy – all the questions that arise in the daily duties of facility management are answered by the system directly.

And thanks to the direct integration in SAP, it’s also easy to create histories that can be used as the basis for comparisons.

As you can see: Korasoft brings more power to your facility management.

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