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Korasoft Lease Design – Drawing Lease Areas in the Web Browser

Lease areas? Simply draw them!

For the first time ever, facility managers can draw and control leasable areas directly in a CAFM solution for SAP, thanks to Korasoft Lease Design. And what is best:

There is no need for complicated CAD software or even CAD knowledge or expertise!

Korasoft Lease Design provides this functionality with easy-to-use drawing tools and simple workflows. The design tool even has intelligent object snap features that simplifies the creation of polylines on a floorplan, precisely.

This saves time, minimizes investments and accelerates flexibility and productivity of the organization’s facility management teams.

Korasoft Lease Design – for faster success.

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Added Value Extended

Using Korasoft Lease Design Facility Manager can plan lease areas directly in any floor plan – even across walls and fixtures. Lease management gets way easier and value is added much quicker. Why?

Korasoft Lease Design generates leasable areas directly on the basis of any room’s geometry. Elements that are not part of the building’s existing architecture can be added with simplicity. Thus, the exact size of a leasable area can be captured and billed accurately.

Korasoft Lease Design – work with precision.


korasoft lease design raumformen

Any Shape is Fine

To make the creation of objects of various dimensions smooth and precise, Korasoft Lease Design offers an Object Snap feature that dynamically displays all relevant corners or points in the floor drawing. Generally, any corner of a polygon that is in focus is activated for object snap and additional points are displayed when zoomed in.

For further precision, it is also possible to enable the midpoints between two object snaps. This allows for a wide range of shape demands and helps to include floors and other areas into a lease planning.

And if the shapes are really complex? A dynamic mode further aids with this, as it is specifically designed to deal with unusual geometries providing options to enter specific angles or lengths for a segment in a floor drawing. 

Korasoft Lease Design – it’s that easy.


Which Floor Plan Can It Be?

Korasoft Lease Design offers maximum flexibility while delivering quick and accurate results. This browser-based tool is as productive and reliable with drawings from a regular CAD software and floorplans extracted from a BIM model alike.

Korasoft Lease Design recognizes the plan’s scale automatically. And all data whether preexisting or newly created in the tool remains part of your SAP system.

Korasoft Lease Design – always reliable and secure.

korasoft lease design download to autocad

…And Back Into CAD.

New changes in a floor plan created and synchronized with Korasoft Lease Design now must be written back into the original CAD drawing? This can easily be done!

The answer is Korasoft Draw Design Download. It is the perfect add-on to do the task. Integrated directly into AutoCAD it’s only a question of a mouse-click to apply modifications done with Korasoft Lease Design back into the original CAD floor plan. 

We’ve come to full circle:

Starting with a change request for CAD and synchronizing the modified floorplan with SAP, changes are applied to the plan using Korasoft Lease Design, now their re-import into AutoCAD triggers a new change request and gets everything back in line.

Korasoft Lease Design – the perfect companion.


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