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Korasoft Pace – Find Your Way with A.I.

To Know the Way

Often there are various paths to get from one location to another in a building. And the larger the facility, the more challenging it can be. This is where Korasoft Pace comes in!

Korasoft Pace utilizes Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to calculate an optimal route and visually display it on a floor plan to reach the destination.

Driven by individually set up preferences and parameters, Korasoft Pace generates the shortest path, avoiding restricted areas and even incorporates multiple stops within a route.

Korasoft Pace finds the best way – the “best” can be defined.

Road Signs; (C) Martin NAreeta, Unsplash
Korasoft Pace - Wege berechnen von A nach B

Getting from A to B

Seems simple, but it’s not: finding the best way from point A to B can be challenging.

Just like GPS guidance finds the best route to drive to an unfamiliar location, automatically generated paths in a building can help. It’s a great choice for visitors who are unfamiliar with a building, or a new cleaning service or vendor who needs to locate specific areas quickly. It’s useful, even for regular occupants who need to quickly find an alternate route to avoid closed or congested areas in their path – and the meeting has already started!

Korasoft Pace determines the optimal route between two points using the shortest path via hallways rooms and doorways. It can be optimized to add restrictions to certain rooms or areas, to prevent contamination to areas having expensive cleaning services, and to avoid disruption to important meetings.

This is how to define the best path from A to B – the Korasoft Pace way!

Korasoft Pace - Wege berechnen von A nach C über B

Getting from A to C via B

Sometimes a few stops in between are necessary to get to the destination. Korasoft Pace also supports this demand.

The artificial intelligence built into Korasoft Pace can handle routes with multiple stops. Want to get a coffee from the café before the meeting? That’s easily done.

Korasoft Pace’s A.I. analyzes the request to get to a location with stops in between, and as with the simple routes, it still considers any defined parameters to avoid unwanted surprises, distractions or expenses.

This makes Korasoft Pace a perfect guide in a building for regular occupants, visitors, maintenance technicians – pretty much anyone who needs a route defined.

Korasoft Pace berechnet mit Algorithmen die optimale Wegführung

Avoiding Expenses

The shortest way is not always the best way. This is especially true for companies with designated “clean” rooms that are expensive to maintain and restricted areas like a data center.

To avoid sensitive areas, Korasoft Pace provides configurable parameters to exclude or deprioritize areas in a route calculation. These factors are already in the logic and therefore becomes transparent to a user requiring guidance.

Dust free rooms stay dust free, restricted areas remain restricted and meetings will never be distracted in a path provided by Korasoft Pace!

Moving Person; (C) isaw company, unsplash


Korasoft Pace offers a variety of uses: it can help visitors in an uncharted building, decentralize high-traffic commuting paths and organize service efforts for a moving crew. These are just a few to name.

The A.I. built into Korasoft Pace will consistently generate the best route considering all set parameters. The optimal route is animated, visually on the corresponding floor plan, providing easy guidance in the direction of travel.

Korasoft Pace makes it easy to get to your destination – but that’s typical of a Korasoft solution.

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