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Korasoft Move – Planning Moves on a Grand Scale

Complex Made Simple

Moves and relocations are very complex projects and the more people or assets are involved, the higher the demands will be on the planners and companies executing the move.

Korasoft Move hands you all the tools you need to plan, test and carry out any kind of move quickly and professionally.

Of course Korasoft Move is integrated in SAP Fiori, which means you can take care of all related tasks directly in your browser. This also includes controlling everything on the day of the move – right on your smartphone.

And since Korasoft Move is embedded in SAP, you can also order work and services as well as process cost estimates and invoices directly.

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Moves in companies often affect entire departments, cost centers and floors. So it’s very important to be able to select and compile the corresponding data quickly and efficiently.

Korasoft Move delivers exactly the tools you need for the precise and speedy preparation of your move:

  • visualized overviews of occupancy and vacancies
  • lists with allocation of employees in categories determined by you
  • a basket in which you group the employees who will need to switch their workplaces as a result of the planned move
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Once you have compiled a list of all the people affected by your relocation project, in the next step you can run through various move scenarios with Korasoft Move.

This feature not only helps you determine the best possible placement of your employees, but can also do a lot more.

If employees need to be rotated in a building during disruptive renovations, you can precisely plan, simulate and execute this scenario with Korasoft Move.

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Once you find the scenario that best suits your needs, you can initiate the move with just one click. But that’s not all.

Due to the seamless integration in SAP you can coordinate your move much more comprehensively:

Hire moving companies. Plan additional cleaning services for before and after the move. Adjust electricity and network capacities to fit new requirements.

Nearly any task can be implemented in your moving scenario with Korasoft Move. It can be so easy!

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