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Korasoft Room Reserve – Room Reservation with SAP

Room Reservation Made Easy

It‘s easy to book the conference room next door. But what about a conference room at the other end of the country, some 3.000 miles away? What if the building isn’t even known to those who have to book it, but a reservation is needed nonetheless?

Korasoft Room Reserve has the answer: booking within SAP RE-FX made easy thanks to a graphic-based technology. Korasoft Room Reserve comes with:

  • a visual selection process with maps and floor plans
  • filter options for available rooms
  • colour coding for the availability status
  • varied booking parameters
  • integration of catering reservations
  • optional appointment data as a file via mail

Those are just a few options that Korasoft Room Reserve provides to make reservations easy to handle.

korasoft reserve - places orte

Every information needed

Korasoft Room Reserve operates in SAP for a fast and transparent booking process with an automatic mail service. The software knows every building within a company’s SAP system, including their capacity and booking status.

Not only is an information package this extensive beneficial for a comfortable booking process, it also guarantees, that the booked room actually meets the criteria that was warranted.

korasoft reserve filter options

For every occasion

Korasoft Room Reserve works for every event from a small informal meeting up to large-scale events with hundreds of guests. The software interacts directly with the SAP data and can sort out all the relevant information. A convenient filter system shows suitable booking options based on the projected attendance and timeframe.

korasoft reserve outlook mail

Instant confirmation

Once a booking process is concluded, Korasoft Room Reserve sends a standardized calendar-file including the relevant information, such as:

  • city
  • building
  • room
  • date
  • time
  • additional booking (if available)

The information is packed in an .isc-file and can be used by outlook and similar software. This also serves as a reliable basis for invitations to inform other attendees.

Reliable booking with ease

Never was it that simple to book one or multiple rooms for everything from a small gathering to a big event. Detailed information combined with an easy-to-understand graphical representation helps to find the perfect available location. An included mail service assists in spreading the word. Everything works within SAP without external software or web services.

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