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Korasoft Room – The Room Book For Your SAP

Organization With a Plan

The room book is the heart of every facility management system. It structures facilities and buildings, lends transparency to space allocation and gives the user a quick overview and precise insights – just what Korasoft Room offers you directly in SAP.

Korasoft Room is a time-proven solution that makes it easy for you to set up and edit your own customized room book. All the necessary design features are right there at your fingertips, self-explanatory and simple to use.

With Korasoft Room you immediately get conclusive results. The clear-cut design accelerates your workflows. An advanced information environment makes it easier to manage your spaces.

And since Korasoft Room is embedded in SAP Fiori, it works directly in your browser. This way you have everything under control. Anywhere you work. Securely and reliably.

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Anyone who manages a large number of properties is thankful for every shortcut. Korasoft Room takes you straight there.

Simply click on the map to find the site or building you need. Or use the search bar to select a building from a list on the left side of the screen, in world regions and subregions. Quickly and accurately.

Alternatively, as soon as you start typing the system prompts a selection of search results, which will also include the property you’re looking for.

Because nothing is more important than getting results as quickly and reliably as possible. Korasoft Room is a powerful room book that gives you excellent support.

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Korasoft Room makes your content transparent – both literally and figuratively.

Once you find the site or building you’re looking for, simply open the floor you want to edit. Korasoft Room immediately provides you with a CAD floor plan.

Having a clear view of the asset gives you the freedom to quickly call up, monitor and control all the content you need. With just one click on the floor plan.

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Content is only valuable if it can be easily understood. Korasoft Room breaks down all information logically and uses visual aids to enhance comprehensibility and optimize your work.

Color-code areas according to type of occupancy in compliance with the DIN 277 standard. Have the software display the architecture, workplaces or layout – or everything at once.

As you can see, using Korasoft Room as your room book makes your real estate more transparent. In terms of both data and content. For greater productivity and best results.

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…Even Without Graphics!

Take it further: Korasoft Room can also provide the intricate details of spaces on a floorplan in a tabular format. The table is dynamic and can be customized to particular needs, with options to rearrange, add or remove columns, set filters, sort orders and data groupings.

Standard evaluations are available for a variety of datasets, i.e.:

  • Space Evaluation (DIN 277) 
  • Permanent Occupancy
  • Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Assigned Partners

And if a required evaluation is missing it can be provided as a custom add-on – Korasoft is as flexible as you are!

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