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Korasoft Output –  Cloud-based PDF Output in SAP

Seamless Integration, Easy-to-use

Korasoft Output is the first cloud-based intelligent PDF generator for floor drawings in SAP. It provides a wealth of advantages, including:

  • No additional on-premise hardware, software or maintenance overhead to the customer.
  • Accessibility from any customer workplace, via standard web browser.
  • Built on robust SAP Management API, ensuring seamless integration and peace of mind data security with encryption.
  • High resolution PDF output from native CAD drawings, color-coded and embedded with real-time SAP objects and attributes.


korasoft pdf output menu

Tailored Output

As is common with all our solutions, Korasoft Output provides an intuitive, highly flexible user interface.

  • Output can be generated for the full floor drawing or just a part of it.
  • Drawing legend, company logo and free text fields can be controlled in the output to provide the required level of detail.
  • Drawing layers and color-coding has individual toggle switch capability to easily display or print the desired view.

All these options, and more are available in the standard product.

korasoft pdf output beispiele

A PDF for Every Need

Need to provide a PDF of the lease out status on a floor? HR needs an occupancy report by floor? Or defect status of BIM objects for a construction project?

Korasoft Output can be set up to report and theme a variety of information, built from your SAP data. Some examples are:

  • Occupancy status
  • Fixtures & Fittings
  • Measurement types
  • DIN 276 (ISO 6707?)
  • Equipment inventory
  • Defect status of BIM objects
  • Lease status of objects
  • Service request (Notification) status

And if only a simple floor map is all that’s needed, without any theming data, it can be generated as well!

korasoft output paper sizes

Chose Your Layout

Each floor drawing is different, as are the needs of a company!

Korasoft Output offers a lot of flexibility to set up the required paper size and format with simple configuration and template-based setup.

  • Supports both ANSI (A – D) and ISO paper sizes, in landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Customized template-based positioning of the content, such as placement of the company logo, legend text and color-code, additional data and free text fields

Flexibility is key in Korasoft solutions!

Different Scales

For even further control, Korasoft Output is scalable and provides a variety of built-in settings or user-defined options. In addition to paper sizes, Korasoft Output also supports DIN measurement standards, giving it international compatibility.

Korasoft Output is a perfect PDF solution, providing a no-frills implementation and delivering high-quality, flexible results!

Take it for a test drive!

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