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Co-Innovation with SAP

Developing the future of digital Facility Management together

Since the founding of Korasoft in 1999 we are working tirelessly to make digital facility management simple, intuitive and flexible. The foundation of our work has been SAP from the very beginning. In May of 2023, SAP announced during SAPHIRE that it would rely more on external partners for the future development when it comes to digital facility management. One of the earliest results of this paradigm shift in the first co-innovation partnership between SAP and Korasoft to jointly develop an all-round solution for the most important basics of digital facility management – whether On Premise or via the Cloud.

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The Co in Co-Innovation

While Korasoft has been able to gather extensive knowledge about the needs, requirements and work realities of hundreds of real estate managers over the past decades, no one has a better overview of SAPs software strengths and capabilities than the SAP themselves. Combining this knowledge allowed SAP and Korasoft to deeply analyze the market – what do clients need, what does the SAP already cover, where can Korasofts strengths most effectively complement this portfolio? What SAP-technologies are best suited to amplify the reliability, flexibility and efficiency that customers have come to expect from Korasoft products? How can the accumulated experience of the SAP and Korasoft from the respective many years of cloud development be brought together in a targeted manner? SAPs and Korasofts teams found joint answers to all these questions.

The Innovation in Co-Innovation

The result of this process is the first SAP licensed Korasoft product, that is available via the SAP store: BIM4RE – Space, Lease, and Real Estate.



The cloudbased all-round solution is not just the first SAP-licensed Korasoft product available in the SAP store, it is also an example of what the future of digital Facility Management can look like. And above all: How we get there.

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