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Korasoft Draw
The AutoCAD Plug-In for CAD-Export into SAP

Prepare In AutoCAD

No matter whether a floor plan is created inhouse, or externally by an architect or a space planner – all floor plan drawings originate from CAD software. And CAD drawings are vital for the visual management of facilities. Visual facility management makes all relevant tasks more intuitive, faster and with unprecedented accuracy, originating from the drawing.

Korasoft Draw is the perfect companion for this task, as it integrates directly with the leading CAD software, AutoCAD, bridging it seamlessly with SAP.

Korasoft Draw enhances AutoCAD providing an easy-to-use toolbar to support checking and validation of CAD drawings and preparing it for export to SAP. It provides intelligent change management via change requests in SAP, directly from AutoCAD.

Thus, a user can be sure that their CAD drawings meet the predefined CAD standards for exporting and ultimately synchronizing it with SAP to create or maintain master data. Furthermore, all change history is preserved in SAP via the effective date.

Korasoft Draw plug-in for AutoCAD is the perfect tool to prepare and check CAD drawings – directly in AutoCAD. Accurate. Fast. Efficient!


Korasoft Draw is exclusively designed for one task: to integrate CAD drawings in SAP to the full extent.

As a veteran Autodesk development partner, Korasoft’s AutoCAD solutions seamlessly integrate with the software. We can exploit any technical process and employ all workflows optimally.

As a result, Korasoft Draw is a very powerful solution delivered as a neat toolbar in the AutoCAD menu – executing complex tasks perfectly and with ease.

This is unparalleled in the market. 

Clean Design

As with all Korasoft solutions, Draw employs a clear UI design and leads users step-by-step through the entire workflow to prepare, check and export drawings to SAP.

From finding and loading a drawing to the validation and export to SAP, each task is executed independently and then automatically sets up the next step in the workflow.

We prefer simplicity because if tasks are plain and easy to follow, nothing will be missed.

To make validation easy, Korasoft Draw displays the checked floor plan, color-coded by change type:

Adjacent to the display, a table with the change request content is also provided with new, changed, deleted or unchanged objects. Errors are also highlighted.

This makes work even easier: If something has to be corrected, Korasoft Draw gives succinct details of the error and a hyperlink to the object. This makes corrections smooth, fast and precise.

Next step is to create the change request to SAP.

Effective Date Included

The Effective Data is a central element for working with data in SAP – frequently used by all objects.

Korasoft Draw adheres to the SAP effective date to ensure that all floor plans and data changes are provided as such. And this way the plan shows exactly what is available:

The earlier the drawings are available in SAP, the easier it is to plan with exactly the right floor plan.

As you can see: Everything points to Korasoft Draw when it comes to integrating CAD drawings and Real Estate data into SAP.

Nothing Is Easier Than That!

With Korasoft Draw it is much easier to prepare CAD drawings for the export from AutoCAD into SAP.

Korasoft Draw saves time and money while preserving data integrity and security to ensure that floor plans can be transferred precisely into SAP – ready to use in real-time by effective dates.

Trust the true experts when it comes to CAD drawings in SAP.

Trust Korasoft!

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