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Korasoft – CAFM, CAD and BIM in SAP


Korasoft simplifies all CAFM tasks with tools embedded seamlessly in your SAP system. All the relevant aspects of facility management – room book, space utilization, move organization, building maintenance and operation control – are represented in SAP. Thanks to Korasoft.
With integration in SAP, naturally with full access to the SAP data structure and with complete CAD support, Korasoft makes facility management so easy.

cad raumplan korasoft sap

CAD Makes Life Easier

No SAP system can be a complete CAFM solution without CAD drawings. With Korasoft you can import CAD drawings in your SAP system. With your data from AutoCAD, Revit and other CAD programs at your fingertips in SAP, you can manage your buildings, floors and spaces more quickly and efficiently. Korasoft simplifies your daily tasks and gives you quick access to your CAFM data.

CAFM with CAD – for facility management with a system.

BIM is the Plan

In addition to CAD drawings in 2D, Korasoft also allows you to integrate your 3D BIM models. This significantly expands your range of possibilities right from the planning and construction stages. You can transfer all data relevant to facility management to your SAP system and import room geometries from your BIM plan. This way, you start optimizing the performance of your new real estate asset sooner.

Utilize BIM for CAFM!

bim 3d modell mit korasoft und sap

CAFM for Every Sector

Korasoft specializes in SAP users. This puts us in the best position to offer every customer a solution that is tailored to their needs, regardless of their industrial sector, business and administrative orientation. From this diversity we have built up a wealth of experience, which you can also use to your advantage.

Profit from our lead!

Fully Integrated

Be it room book, space utilization, move organization, building maintenance or tree register – facility management is extensive and always individual. In order to fully meet your requirements, Korasoft is built on a modular design: You start with only the modules you currently need, which reduces your cost of ownership. And when the time comes, you simply add modules as new goals arise. Since all Korasoft apps are seamlessly integrated, you continue working as usual.

Only more effectively.

some korasoft tiles for sap fiori
computing in time; (C) kevin ku aiy - unsplash.con

Experience Since 1999

The Korasoft team has been integrating CAD with CAFM in SAP since 1999. We have accumulated a wealth of experience, which enables us to develop and implement even complex solutions in a short time. And our experience gives you the assurance of knowing that the work of your FM team is being made easier by an advanced software solution in SAP.

Profit from our experience!

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Korasoft is embedded into SAP – that’s what you already know.

Our little introductory video on YouTube gives you some basic impressions on our software and its benefits for your daily work. 

Get a sneak preview of what we can do for you!

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