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Korasoft makes CAD with SAP more flexible than ever before

Experienced: Korasoft brings CAD into SAP

Integrating CAD into SAP has never been easier – thanks to Korasoft.

Since as early as 2002, Korasoft has been developing CAD-to-SAP integration software.

Our solutions enable users to easily validate new or reworked CAD drawings, initiate change requests and finally synchronize these floor plans and its valuable data into the SAP system.

Korasoft brings CAD into SAP – the easy way.

Korasoft room furnish details


There are many reason to use CAD with SAP. And Koraosft offners matching solutions for many demands, for example for these:

  • Comparing core data with CAD
  • Checking CAD drawings
  • Displaying and using CAD drawings with SAP
  • Identifying rooms
  • Apply room based Facility Management

Since floor plans and data that come with CAD are a crusial element for successful CAFM in SAP.

And this is what Korasoft is the specialist for.

A Solution for every Situation

There are many reasons to integrate CAD graphics and data into SAP. And there are many requirements to do this for which Korasoft offers perfect solutions – like these:

  • Comparing Master data with a CAD floor plan
  • Validating CAD drawings for readiness
  • Displaying and integrating CAD drawings with SAP
  • Identifying spaces and its attributes from the drawing
  • Carrying out room-based Facility Management

There are also different scenarios for how CAD drawings are made available, who validates them and who is authorized to hand over the finalized drawings into SAP.

Korasoft solutions support the following options – and much more:

  • A service provider measures a building and validates the results before handing over the data.
  • Users validate CAD drawings with a guided workflow – without CAD Software.
  • Architects create the new CAD drawings and the Facility Management team checks them before synchronizing with SAP
  • The company’s CAD team updates CAD drawings, validates them and synchronizes them with your SAP system directly from AutoCAD

Is your scenario different? Please contact us for a solution that fits your needs. Success guaranteed!

More Tools, better Flexibility

Customer needs greatly vary with respect to the state of available CAD drawings and standards, and resource knowledge base. Korasoft offers four tools with different features targeting different users to keep master data up to date, intuitively and with ease. They are:

  • Korasoft Draw Analyze
  • Korasoft Draw
  • Korasoft Draw Sync
  • Korasoft Sync

All these solutions support CAD synchronization with SAP and offer great flexibility. The maturity of our CAD tools come from our vast experience, spanning almost two decades and numerous projects, thus enabling it to work in various scenarios to always present the optimal solution:

Further enabling the solution, Korasoft CAD tools are available on different platforms: a browser-based SAP Fiori App, an AutoCAD plugin or as a Web service. Different ways to work and validate floor plans easily, correct minor errors even without CAD expertise and to always secure best data quality. With Korasoft it is even possible to validate CAD drawings without AutoCAD, using our web service tools!

And what’s best: CAD drawings can always be kept up-to-date and facility management can work with current data at any time.

Anybody Can Check the Drawings

It is vital to check every drawing before synchronization, as there is no other way to ensure that the necessary standards are met to map CAD data to SAP. And if mistakes get into the system, it presents an even worse situation – a costly and complex cleanup effort!

Korasoft offers different solutions to validate CAD drawings. Start with the easy-to-use web service, Korasoft Draw Analyze, that even inexperienced users can operate to validate the makeup of CAD drawings. Continue with the AutoCAD plug-in, Korasoft Draw, to modify or prepare drawings and store it in SAP. This can be utilized by Architects, Facility managers or the internal CAD team. Finally utilize the SAP Fiori App, Korasoft Sync, to synchronize the CAD drawings and create or maintain SAP master data with ease. This is typically used by the Facility Management team.

All three of these deliver equally high-quality results at different steps and also provides separation of duties, as required by an organization. They reveal errors and provide clear messages pointing out the root cause. This makes it easy to correct and to improve, too.

Once everything is correct – simply give it a green light!

Making Change Requests – Internally or Externally

When it’s time for a synchronized CAD drawing to be modified – it is time for a change request. This is built upon the “Four eyes principle” to preserve data integrity. It employs a Facility Management expert’s review and approval before a change is implemented.

Architects, designers, planners or CAD professionals – many people can propose a change either from the AutoCAD plug-in Korasoft Draw or via the web service Korasoft Draw Analyze. Even the Facility Management team themselves can request a change with their Fiori-App Korasoft Sync.

And all change history is fully preserved via effective dates in SAP for future audits or review.

Flexibility from all aspects!

Synchronization Made Flexible

In theory, the four eye principle is foolproof: One person edits and validates the CAD drawings; another person checks the results and approves synchronization of the drawings with SAP. The Fiori-App Korasoft Sync puts this at a Facility manager’s fingertips.

And if the preference is to synchronize directly out of the CAD software, Korasoft Draw Sync provides the extension to do just that – directly. It connects to SAP and the changes are validated against existing master data and synchronized directly from AutoCAD.

Using AutoCAD with Korasoft plug-ins, a user enjoys the same flexibility as if they are working directly in SAP. This makes the work easy and smooth for various organizational structures.

That is how Korasoft delivers flexibility, securely.

Always Up-To-Date

There is no doubt: With Korasoft solutions integration of CAD drawings into SAP is simple and flexible.

There is a variety of tools to accomplish this:

  • A Web service for sporadic validation: for new or one-time service providers, users without AutoCAD, CAD laypersons without AutoCAD having a need to check a drawing on-site, on the road or anywhere else.
  • An AutoCAD plug-in: for checks by architects, designers, planners or the inhouse CAD team.
  • A Sync extension for the AutoCAD plug-in: for architects, designers, planners or the inhouse CAD team requiring direct synchronize from AutoCAD
  • A Fiori-based Sync app: for the facility management team to synchronize CAD drawings directly while staying in full control

These choices ensures that both companies and service providers can validate and synchronize CAD drawings as required. It is just a matter of choice whether the CAD team, the FM team or both can check and synchronize CAD drawings on independently or in collaboration – with establish access controls for change management.

This is perfect control.

And the CAD drawings in SAP? They always stay up-to-date!

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